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Fault Lines

Photograph copyright by David Lynch
Above: This photo shows the two plates along the San Andreas Fault in California. The lighter colored plate on the left is the Pacific Plate and the light brown colored plate on the right is the North American Plate. The San Andreas Fault is a transform fault in which these two plates are slowly sliding past one another at a couple inches per year on average, but has the ability to slip a few feet at once causing an earthquake. Throughout California this is one of the most visible fault lines in the world (Lynch, n.d.).

GNS Science, Photograph by Lloyd Homer
Above: The Ostler Fault which is located in the Mackenzie Basin in New Zealand, is one of the world's major active reverse faults (Ostler Fault, n.d.). As you can see on this type of dip-slip fault, the hanging wall (raised plate on the left) moves upward on top of the footwall (downward sloping plate on the right).


Image source: unknown, circulating via email
Above: This picture depicts a tsunami crashing into a coastal city, whether the picture is real or not is unknown and has been deemed fake by many analysts. Regardless, the picture shows what a real tsunami would look like when it hit land. A tsunami is a large ocean wave caused by an underwater earthquake, volcanic eruption, or underwater landslide. Most are caused by large earthquakes in a subduction zone on the ocean floor (Tsunami Geology, n.d.).


Image source: unknown

Above: The volcanic eruption pictured above depicts what looks like a shield volcano emitting a low-viscosity basaltic lava flow. As the lava leaves the magma chamber it is easy to tell it is much hotter and has low viscosity, therefore flowing very quickly. As the lava flows further along it begins to move at a slower speed due to cooling and becoming more viscous. Shield volcanoes such as this...
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