Geography Research Action Plan

Topics: Sydney, Star City Casino, Natural environment Pages: 2 (397 words) Published: June 18, 2012
Research Action Plan

Part A
Identifying the aim and the focus question related to Urban Growth and Decline.

What is Urban Growth and Decline
Urban growth is the absolute increase in the physical size and total population of urban areas.

Urban decline is the changes in land use brought about by changing locations of activities within the city which causes other activities to move elsewhere, leaving former factory and warehouse areas abandoned and derelict.

Why is it an important geographical issue?
Urban growth and decline is a significant global issue as it has many ramifications if it isn’t controlled adequately. If urban growth transpires exceedingly quickly, then the natural environment is required to handle considerably more as it has to cope with the amplified use of resources and energy, accompanying the growing production of wastes.

To see what urban growth and decline does to the environment and population of Pyrmont.

Focus Questions
1. How has Pyrmont’s buildings changed since the area has seen growth? 2. How has urban growth and decline affected the population? A plan to research the issue

When and how will information be collected?
I had an excursion around Sydney Harbour on 11 May to help attain information.

What solutions are proposed to manage the issue?
Scattering alertness through advertising

Also, strict rules can be presented to help stop the exceeding rate of urban growth and decline.

To whom will I report my research findings and proposed actions (citizenship) ? In this case, I have to report my findings and proposed actions with a speech addressed to the Pyrmont community.

Part B
Collecting and collating and analysis

Primary Research

Secondary Research

There are many interesting things about the area of Pyrmont and Sydney Harbour. The population mainly has young adults and few children or elderly people. This is a reason for the large number of restaurants and...
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