Geography of the Big Mac

Topics: Hamburger, McDonald's, United States Pages: 4 (1372 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Geography of a Big Mac
McDonalds has been around since 1940, when it was created by Nick and Mac McDonald in Bernardino, California. Since then McDonalds has only grown around the world in popularity and business. There are currently more than 33 thousand restaurants around the world in 119 countries. The chain has remarkably gone form offering just a few items on its menu to a wide range of over a 145 diverse items on its menu. Needless to say McDonalds has embedded itself within the world’s society. The way McDonalds runs its business has many different components. These different items include geography of a location, Weber’s model, development, and mass consumption. One of McDonald’s most successful items on its menu is the big mac. Worldwide it is known for its flavor; however, many do not understand how that burger gets to them. The ingredients are not merely picked up at a local store, but shipped across miles of land and sea. There are many different factors for why this happens. The three main reasons for why this occurs are due to geography, weber’s model, and development. Geography plays a big role in where things grow for instance if one looks at the United States corn grows better in the Midwest. This then affects what farmers will grow in a certain climate, because they need to meet the needs of the plant they are growing. This pattern is seen in Europe with the ingredients needed to make a big mac and largely affects where certain places receive certain items. The buns used to create a big mac are produced in Germany, America, and Canada. The climate in Germany is a moderate climate with a good amount of rain throughout the year. This makes it an ideal place to grow wheat which needs the climate to be mild and not too cold. There are also many places throughout the United States and Canada that classify as this climate. The pickles are needed to be raised in a warm atmosphere. This is why the pickles for the big mac are grown...
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