Geography of Pakistan

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Geography of Pakistan
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Geography of Pakistan|
Continent| Asia|
Region| Southwest Asia|
Coordinates| 30°00'N 70°00'E|
Area| Ranked 36th
880,940 km2 (340,130 sq mi)
97.13% land
2.87 % water|
Borders| Total:
6,975 km (4,334.1 mi)
2,643 km (1,642.3 mi)
510 km (316.9 mi)
2,910 km (1,808.2 mi)
912 km (566.7 mi)|
Highest point| K2
8,616.3 m (28,269 ft)|
Lowest point| Arabian Sea
0 m (0.0 ft)|
Longest river| Indus River|
Largest lake| Manchar Lake|
The geography of Pakistan (Urdu: جغرافیہ پاکِستان‎) is a profound blend of landscapes varying from plains to deserts, forests, hills, and plateaus ranging from the coastal areas of the Arabian Sea in the south to the mountains of the Karakoram range in the north. Pakistan geologically overlaps both with the Indian and the Eurasiantectonic plates where its Sindh and Punjab provinces lie on the north-western corner of the Indian plate while Balochistan and most of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwalie within the Eurasian plate which mainly comprises the Iranian plateau, some parts of the Middle East and Central Asia. The Northern Areas and Azad Kashmirlie mainly in Central Asia along the edge of the Indian plate and hence are prone to violent earthquakes where the two tectonic plates collide. Pakistan is bordered by Afghanistan to the north-west and Iran to the west while thePeople's Republic of China borders the country in the north and India to the east. The nation is geopolitically placed within some of the most controversial regional boundaries which share disputes and have many-a-times escalated military tensions between the nations, e.g., that of Kashmir with India and the Durand Linewith Afghanistan. Its western borders include the Khyber Pass and Bolan Pass that have served as traditional migration routes between Central Eurasia and South Asia. Contents  [hide]  * 1 International boundaries * 1.1 Outline of Pakistan * 2 Geographical regions * 2.1 The northern highlands * 2.2 The Indus plain * 2.3 Sistan Basin * 3 Climate * 4 Natural resources and primary industry * 4.1 Water resources * 4.2 Fuel resources * 4.3 Agriculture * 4.4 Fishery * 4.5 Forestry * 4.6 Mining * 5 Environment and conservation * 5.1 Natural disasters * 5.2 Protected areas * 5.3 International agreements * 6 Suffix of regions and towns * 7 See also * 8 References * 9 External links| -------------------------------------------------

[edit]International boundaries

International boundaries of Pakistan (non-annotated).
Pakistan shares its borders with four neighboring countries – Afghanistan, China,India, and Iran – adding up to about 6,975 km (4,334.1 mi) in length (excluding the coastal areas). Pakistan definitely borders Afghanistan at the Durand Line, 2,643 km (1,642.3 mi), which runs from the Hindu Kush and the Pamir Mountains. Its proposal was drafted by and named after the former secretary of British India Sir Henry Mortimer Durand. When Pakistan became independent in 1947 however, the legitimacy of the demarcation was questioned and disputed by Afghans and the Pakhtun orPashtun tribes. Afghanistan claimed the border was imposed upon their weak nation by stronger influences and favoured the establishment of another separatist state to be called Pakhtunistan.[1] The Durand Line remained disputed until 1994 when it was finally accepted. A narrow strip of Afghan-occupiedGorno-Badakhshan territory called the Wakhan Corridor extends between Pakistan and Tajikistan.[2] From the eastern tip of the Wakhan Corridor starts the Sino-Pak border between the People's Republic of China and Pakistan spanning about 510 km (316.9 mi). It carries on south-eastward and ends near the Karakoram Pass. This line was determined from 1961 to 1965 in a series of agreements between...
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