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  • Published : February 25, 2013
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Study of Infiltration Rate

Name: Jemel Joseph

Class: 6 1 S
Candidate No. :

Statement of Purpose of Investigation
The purpose of this study is to measure the infiltration rate of four (4) sites which were visited on our field trip to Cedros. Site 1 being the environment disturbed by man, soil compacted by actions of man and animals. Site 2 being the environment waterlogged, because of the mangrove present. Site 3 being the environment undisturbed by man, with vegetation present.

1. 61’S geography class attended a field trip to Columbus Bay, Cedros to carry out investigations on the infiltration rate at the four (4) sites. 2. A piece of PVC with a diameter of 5 inches was cut to a length of 15 inches. This PVC was prepared offsite. 3. The PVC was then hammered approximately 5 inches into the ground using a piece of 2x4 wood and a hammer. The wood was placed across the PVC and hammered to prevent the PVC from breaking. 4. After hammering the PVC, a 30cm ruler was placed inside the PVC pipe. 5. A bucket was filled with water. The PVC was then filled with water up to the 20cm mark. 6. A stop watch was then used to record the time after the water being filled to the 20cm marking. 7. The PVC was topped up every 2 minutes by aid of the stopwatch. 8. The water level went down gradually and was observed and recorded. Data was collected and placed into a table.

Presentation of Data

Table of Results for Site 3 (Natural Environment)
Reading on Clock| Time Differencemin| Cumulative Time min| Water Level| Infiltration mm| Infiltration Ratemm/min| Infiltration Rate mm/hour| hr| min| sec| | | | | | |

| | | | | Before mm| After mm| | | |
141414141414141515| 434547495153560106| 000000000| Start 022222355| Start 0(0+2)2(2+2)4(4+2)6(6+2)8(8+2)10(10+3)13(13+5)17(17+5)22| 150147148...
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