Geography Essay - Poverty

Topics: Developed country, Human geography, Human Development Index Pages: 2 (743 words) Published: April 15, 2012
Geography Argumentative Essay (Poverty)
I agree to the statement “Poverty is the main reason for the shortage of food in the less developed countries” to a small extent. Although poverty is one of the main root causes of the shortage of food, there are other important and crucial reasons that have to be considered too. Shortage of food means a person consuming a minimum amount of food, and it is not enough for them to be healthy and lead an active life. They face malnutrition and one person die every six seconds due to this insufficiency. Less developed countries are countries that have lower quality of life than others. Poverty, in this case, would be the lack of money, for instance, adults earning less than 2 dollars per day. When the less developed country does not have enough funds or capital, it is therefore financially not strong enough to buy or trade food with other countries. The number of food imports then decreases. If the country does not produce sufficient food itself, the citizens would be unable to obtain their daily food needs from supermarkets, marts, and other food stores. This is due to the lack of goods the country has. For instance, the food found in food stores are bought up, and other people do not get a chance to buy. Henceforth, citizens would suffer shortage of food gradually. Poverty can cause the country to have difficulties purchasing high-technology machineries to facilitate the advanced technology. These machineries help to contribute in a high food productivity rate to satisfy the high food demands of the consumers. Thus, when they are able to obtain such machineries, food production is low, and food storage decrease alongside. For example, technology can assist in the quickening of agriculture, so as to allow crops to harvest faster, and then to be sold off. Without them, they do not produce quickly enough. As written above, poverty might seem a great deal in food shortage. Money can indeed bring in many benefits and advantages...
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