Geography Essay on Pyrmont, Ultimo

Topics: Sydney, Darling Harbour, New South Wales, City of Sydney Pages: 3 (1015 words) Published: June 12, 2012
The Sydney suburbs of Pyrmont and ultimo are located on a peninsula on the western side of darling harbor. In earlier days the two suburbs ran along Union Street. Now the Pyrmont-Ultimo peninsula is a long strip of land known by locals that it is ‘into the deep waters of Sydney Harbour’. Beginning in the early 1800s the Pyrmont-Ultimo area was once occupied by many ‘blue-collar’ workers generally known as manual labour workers, the area was surrounded by industrial areas or the waterfronts. Since then there has occurred significant gentrification of old industrial sites and decayed buildings occurring in the Pyrmont- Ultimo peninsula, with the old buildings and sites being transformed into residential, commercial and community sites. As a result of these redevelopments of decayed or ‘normal’ buildings it improved the general quality and look of the peninsula making the population of dwellers increase. When an area eventually ‘goes down’ and goes through urban dynamics, decay and sprawl the process involved in recovering it changes everything about the whole natural state or character of it positively. Method

Urban Dynamics
The area of study, being Pyrmont-Ultimo had Urban Dynamics and Spatial Exclusion present. Through the investigation of Pyrmont-Ultimo it was evident that the place had been through remodelling of residential buildings and some commercial buildings, this was seen by the positioning of a few residential areas and how they were built in a way to benefit people. Spatial exclusion is very common in a common area for the elite who have the desire of having protected properties and their luxury lifestyles safe through restricted or limited access of certain areas by other residence or urban dwellers. As Pyrmont has a growing number of visitors and an increasing number of residential and, as well is known to be an wealthy area, residents have a want and need sometimes of having high security to protect themselves from outsiders and what they...
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