Geography Essay on Coast

Topics: Sampling, Tape measure, Measurement Pages: 3 (916 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Chapter 2: Methodology
Strategy: My group and I travelled to the Brighton Beach on the 20th of June, 2012. Brighton Beach is due the south of London and the detailed description of the Brighton Beach can be found in chapter 1. We have collected three sets of data in order to investigate how longshore drift (LSD) and the presence of groynes affect the beach at Brighton. The three sets of data are the distance from sea wall/backshore, the sediment height below groyne and the average size of sediment. Method| Data collection technique(How it was carried out)| Justification of data collection method(why it was carried out)| 1. Beach cross profiles (for eastern and western sides of groyne) fig 4(figure 4 demonstrates how we measured the vertical drop)2. Sediment sampling3. Photographs| * We were allocated two groynes to collect our fieldwork data and the two groynes my group was working at are groyne 5 and 6. (As figure 5 shows) * At groyne number 1, we used a tape measure to measure from the backshore down to a safe distance close to the sea. The tape measure was laid out along the groyne thus we could measure out 2 metre intervals. Fig 5 * For every 2 metres we used a metre ruler to take measurements of the vertical drop or build up on sediment on the eastern of western side. As demonstrated in figure 6, there was a much greater sediment build up on the right hand side (which is east). * This regular sampling is called systematic sampling. Fig 6 * We recorded our data in charts similar to figure 7 below. * With all the other groups in my year group, we have collected data for 17 groynes along the coastline. They were sampled to build up a picture of change along the Brighton coastline....
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