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Exemplar Material Exercise GCSE 2009 Geography A Unit 4: 5GA04 – Investigating Geography Example 4

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Theme – Tourism Sample task – How has tourism affected the environment of your chosen environment?

Purpose of investigation The question I have to answer is How has tourism affected the environment of Lulworth Cove?

Lulworth Cove is situated on the south coast of England in Dorset. The map below shows Lulworth Cove and the Heritage Centre.

By the environment I mean not only the land of Lulworth but also the atmosphere and the people who live there. I have broken the main task question down into smaller questions to focus my study. The subsidiary questions will be focused on different aspects that I want to investigate. Are the paths at Lulworth badly eroded? Is there a lot of pollution? Are there a lot of people in Lulworth which ruins the atmosphere of the place? Is the high street in Lulworth full of tourist shops? Are most of the people in Lulworth tourist or locals? Do people think that the area has changed and therefore been affected by tourism?

By answering these questions I should be able to answer the main question which is how has tourism affected the environment of Lulworth Cove.


Methods of Data Collection Technique Traffic count Description and explanation of technique We had to count the number of vehicles that went in and out of Lulworth Cove. There is only one road into Lulworth so we stood by the side of this road to do the task. The work was shared between the groups with each group doing a 30 minute slot. This meant that people did not get bored and had time to do their other techniques. It also meant that everybody could experience the technique. The technique was completed on a Friday and a Sunday between the same time slots so that a comparison could be made. These were completed in two places by the gift shop and on the path leading to Durdle Door. This was so that we could compare how busy different areas of Lulworth were on both of the days that we visited. Each group was given a 30 minute slot to count. We had to count the people going passed us in both directions. In groups we devised a questionnaire to ask people while we were at Lulworth. It had mainly closed questions so that we could easily draw graphs from the answers. The questions tried to find out answers to our subsidiary questions. We walked along the high street from the car park to the sea and noted down what was on either side of us. We were trying to find out if Lulworth was dominated by tourist attractions. We chose five spots and filled in the tables we had devised at school. The aspects on the tables were things like noise and litter. The spots were chosen because we were doing other techniques in those places such as the traffic count.

Pedestrian count


Line transect

Environmental Impact Analysis


Data collected


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