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GCSE Geography
How do I write up my coursework?
Your coursework at a glance

Your coursework will comprise a total of five chapters. The following pages will help you to complete each section but an overview of these chapters can be seen below.

Chapter 1 – Introduction
This will not be the first page of your coursework as you will have lists of contents and illustrations plus a title page, but it is the first part of the written text and it is here that the examiners are looking for evidence of a well planned and well ordered investigation. You need to demonstrate that you have a clear understanding of WHY you are carrying out this investigation by using key geographical terms and ideas on which the study is based and that your choice of method is appropriate.

Chapter 2 – Data Collection/ Method
Similar to the investigations that you carry out in Science, you will need to write a method for this investigation. This method is effectively your Data Collection chapter. You will need to explain exactly HOW and WHY the methods were used.

Chapter 3A – Data Presentation/ Results
Now that you have explained what you are going investigate and how you are going to do it, you must now process the data that you collected. Your data should be sorted out and then turned into tables and graphical displays. There are over 30 different ways you can use to show your results in your coursework booklet.

Chapter 3B – Description of Results
Now that you have processed your data into a variety of appropriate forms you must now describe what your maps, graphs, sketches, photos, tables and diagrams show. Combine chapters 3A and 3B so that you will have the description next to the relevant graph/map/diagram/sketch.

Chapter 4 – Interpretation of Data (Conclusions)
This chapter will give reasons and conclusions for the differences you have found in Chapter 3, relating them back to the original hypothesis that was stated at the start of this investigation.

Chapter 5 – Evaluation
This is the last chapter and could be called ‘How the enquiry process can be improved’. You will be critically looking at the enquiry and suggesting improvements. Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Method |Location |Sampling Technique |Day |Date |Times |Conditions | |Questionnaire |Bury – The Rock |Random |Thursday |24/06/03 |11.30am |Sunny – but cold wind | |Land Use Map |CBD of Ramsbottom |Biased |Thursday |24/06/03 |2.15pm |Sunny – but cold wind | | [pic]

Chapter 3A and 3B


Chapter 4

Chapter 5



1ST paragraph
• State your hypothesis
• Say WHY you are investigating this topic

2nd paragraph
• PREDICT some outcomes that you expect to find from this investigation i.e. the differences that you expect to find between Ramsbottom and Bury

3rd paragraph
• You need to describe where Bury and Ramsbottom are located in a written description, making specific reference to your maps • 2/3 maps e.g. UK, North West, Bury/Ramsbottom
• Maps must be labelled

4th paragraph
• Define your key terms and ideas
• Possible terms: location, land use, CBD, pedestrian count, questionnaire, sphere of influence, mode of travel, order of goods, frequency, accessibility, comparison, environment, pollution • Draw a diagram to show settlement hierarchy






• Start off with a summary table of all your methods like the one above • Random –choosing sites/people by chance
• Biased – choosing specific sites/people for a definite reason • Systematic – choosing every 10th shop/person
• You also need to include a separate table for the data that you collected on your own and explain what you did

Land Use Map
• Explain the meaning of the key and why categories were chosen • Explain HOW you carried it out
• Describe WHY this...
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