Topics: Earthquake, Volcano, Plate tectonics Pages: 3 (1071 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Geography Assignment: Earthquake
Part A:
1. Earthquakes are the sudden and rapid shaking of the earth. The collision of tectonic plates and volcanic eruptions are what cause earthquakes. 2. Earthquakes are caused by the movement of tectonic plates and by volcanoes. The Earth’s crust is made up of plates which can freely slide across the mantle. When these plates collide or slide past with other plates, earthquakes occur. After the main earthquake, an aftershock may occur as the rock masses settle down in new locations. Volcanic earthquakes are less common and occur when the volcano erupts. Volcanoes that explode violently produce acidic lava which blocks up the vents and prevents the pressure from escaping. When pressure is built up and then released, it can create an earthquake with a considerable magnitude. 3. Potential Impacts:

* Social Impacts: Earthquakes can cause injuries, death and leave people physiologically scarred. Buildings that collapse can fatally wound someone while others may get injured, whether it may be minor or serious. Other people may be emotionally and physiologically hurt, possibly due to losing family members, friends or someone close to them. Because of this, people may suffer from depression, anger and despair. * Economic Impacts: Infrastructure such as buildings, roads and bridges are more than likely to be damaged from the impacts of earthquakes. Damages including cracks on the roads and collapsed buildings will cost a lot in order to repair infrastructure. Sometimes the damage is so serious; it can lead to poverty in some areas such as Haiti. * Environmental Impacts: Earthquakes can lead to tsunamis, liquefaction as well as secondary effects. The seismic waves produced by earthquakes cause tsunamis. The aftershocks can also cause tsunamis to hit communities again before they are able to recover. Liquefaction is the process where soil turns into a dense fluid rather than a solid. Secondary effects...
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