Geography's Impact on World

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  • Published : November 21, 2010
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Geographic factors often play a major role in a nation’s historical, political, social, and economic development. Geography is a study of the earths features such as its land, rocks, oceans, etc. The earth consists of many geographic features such as peninsulas, desserts, mountains, rain forests, archipelagos and etc. Two geographic features that impacted the development of Russia and Egypt are river valleys and lack of warm water ports. The lack of warm water ports has had a negative effect on Russia’s political, historical, economic, and social development. River valleys has had a positive effect on Egypt’s historical, social, political, and economic development. Geography can have many positive and negative impacts on a country’s development. Lack of warm water ports has had a negative effect on the development of Russia. Warm water ports have disenabled Russia from being able to trade. Having a lack of warm water ports has given the country of Russia a harmful effect on the development of their country. One of the many ways that the lack of warm water ports has negatively affected the country was socially, because of the country’s large size it is hard to communicate with all the different types of people that live there. There are many different types of religions and races that live there so communication is hard. Russia is also known as the backwards nation or behind the times. Russia borders Asia and Europe so Russia is behind politically, economically, and socially. Economically Russia wasn’t able to to transition quickly like most countries from agriculture and farming to industrial and new technologies. Politically Russia was ruled by a monarchy which never helped fixed any problems of the past. Lastly historically Russia wasn’t able to develop and progress successfully so historically it was hard for Russia to progress and cme up with new ideas to fix the country’s problems.
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