Geographic Segmentation for Ipad

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WD1 Work on completion of a course of study, with an offer of employment

a. To be eligible for a work visa and/or permit under this policy, applicants must:

i. have successfully completed in New Zealand a course that has a minimum completion time of 3 years; or ii. have successfully completed in New Zealand a qualification that would qualify for points under the Skilled Migrant Category (see SM14); and iii. hold an offer of employment relevant to their course or qualification; and iv. if they were an NZAID funded student, meet requirements set out at U11.1(f).

b. A work visa and/or permit may be issued or granted for a maximum of 2 years to obtain practical work experience suitable to the applicant's course or qualification, unless (c) below applies.

c. A work visa and/or permit may be granted for a maximum period of 3 years if:

i. the applicant is working towards membership or registration with a New Zealand professional association which requires more than two years of practical work experience; and ii. such membership or registration is a requirement for the person to fully perform their professional duties; and iii. the applicant provides evidence the employment is considered relevant practical experience by the professional association, including but not limited to documentation from the professional association, or from the employer, stating how the employment meets the requirements set by the professional association; and iv. the applicant has completed a New Zealand qualification which meets the requirements for registration or membership of the professional association.

d. To be issued or granted a work visa/permit under this policy, applicants must:

i. apply no later than 3 months after the end date of their student permit for that course or qualification; or ii. hold a ‘graduate job search work permit’ (see WD2).

e. Applicants must provide:

i. a completed work...
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