Geographic Features Can Positively or Negativelyy Affect the Development of a Nation or Region

Topics: Nile, Sahara, Egypt Pages: 1 (292 words) Published: December 29, 2012
Geographic features can positively and negatively affect the development of nation or region. Some geographic features such as rivers, mountains, deserts, and rainforest's. These features impact the history of many regions. The Nile River is one example that has affected people. Second feature is the Sahara Desert.

Some rivers can be good and some can be bad unfortunately the Nile River has positive and negative things about it. The Nile River is one large geographic environment that impacted the lives of those who live near or around it. The positive things that the Nile River brought was fresh water for farming and irrigation, it is also used for trading goods. People have even been planning an invasion route using the river. some negative things the river brought is each time it had rained non-stop the river would eventually flood pretty brutally. All the crops and farms will be soaked in water and destroyed. this will stop irrigation and trade. because they cant grow any plants or food. In Africa there is a desert. They often are used as barriers, For example; Sahara Desert protects and isolates lower Africa from invasion. It has been that way for many centuries. But the Sahara also disallows cultural diffusion, or it makes it harder to locate. Since the desert is big and atrocious (bigger than australia) basically it was a negative and positive geographic invironment like the Nile River. In conclusion the Geographic features can positively and negatively affect the development of nations and regions. The Nile River mostly has positive features because it can easily be used for trading. And the Sahara Desert has more negative features because it is expanding in size and therefore it makes cultural diffusion hard to come by.
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