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Topics: Downtown Core, Victoria Street, Singapore, Bugis Street Pages: 3 (864 words) Published: May 14, 2013
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Joanne: Good morning teachers and fellow classmates. I am Joanne. Celeste: I am Celeste
Angelena: I am Angelena
Xiang Ting: I am Xiang Ting
Joanne: Today we will be presenting on the location of Bugis-Bras Basah

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Xiang Ting: Bugis in the past. Bugis was Named after Bugis people who made a name for themselves as blood thirsty pirates. It was Crammed with traders & retail outlets, making Bugis one of the country's busiest economic zones. A number of small commercial establishments were set up, including outdoor bars, attacting the Western tourists. Business blossomed in Bugis and it soon became the most popular tourist attraction in Singapore. There was a nightly parade of brightly attired transvestite women used to draw in huge crowds. These were the transvestite back then. *points to picture* Next, we are going to show you a clip from a Chinese drama about a portrayal of the transvestites back then (plays from 0:15 – 1:40)

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Celeste: However, this is how Bugis is in the present. It houses almost 800 shops, and is the largest street shopping location in Singapore. Furthermore, the Bugis Mrt has made it easily accesible and convenient for people who do not drive to go there. Nowadays, there are pockets of land in  Bugis available for open-air concerts, arts performances, al fresco dining and flea markets. Variety of choices with the different kinds of cuisine available from Chicken rice to French cuisine. Bras Basah is also home to many landmarks such as The Cathay, Rendezvous Hotel, CHIJMES, Civilian War Memorial, Cathedral of Good Shepard and Singapore Art Museum.

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Joanne: Changes in land use. Over the years, as Singapore develops, the land use has to be changed. In the Bugis-Bras Basah district, the buildings are now built upwards to maximize land use. One example is the Swissotel the Stamford Hotel which is built 73 storeys so tall and is the 11th tallest...
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