Geoffrey Chaucer's Hand in Making English a Respectable Literary Language during the Middle Ages

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  • Published : December 5, 2011
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Haneen Abusada
Ms. Collins
Advanced Placement-English Literature and Composition
13 October 2011
The Canterbury Tales
Chaucer ingenious technique of writing displayed the impossible to possible in making English a respectable literary language. During his time, French was popularly used within the scholars. Chaucer was viewed as a genius of the Middle Ages with his unique taste in writing literature. The common people began a burial ground called, “The Poets’ Corner” in Westminster Abbey, in honor of Chaucer when he passed away. Chaucer was not the last poet buried there, many famous and beyond their time poets were honored the burial with Chaucer there on after. In his lifetime, Chaucer established his finest works in his last two decades. One in which is, “The Canterbury Tales” with 30 different characters. These characters are realistically mirrors of the common people in the Middle Ages and how society was viewed. In “The Canterbury Tales”, the characters contradistinctive individualities and occupations help establish the characters storyline. In the story, the people are gathered to make a pilgrimage to the shrine of Saint Thomas á Becket at Canterbury. The reason for the pilgrimage is to visit Becket shrine, an Archbishop in Canterbury who was murdered. It is said that the shrine gives the impression of a feeling of rebirth. In his Canterbury tales, Chaucer depicts the Doctor as someone who understands the human body and soul, who is similar to House in contemporary times and this essay, will reveal their similarities. To begin with, the doctor in The Canterbury Tales was the most educated on the studies of medicine and surgery. The Doctor would study his patient’s habits closely and precisely, taking his interpretation in mind when creating a diagnostics. In the Middle Ages, studies in medieval science established the prediction of four different qualities that determined the type of humors of the body; dry, cold, moist or hot. These qualities can...
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