Geo Strategic Importance of Pakistan

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  • Published : September 26, 2012
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Geo strategic means the importance of a country or a region as by virtue of its geographical location.Pakistan is a very fortune country in respect of its location.It came into being on August 14,1947.It has an area of 796096 square kilometers.Pakistan is a junction between South Asia,Wesat Asia and Central Asian Countris,a way from energy efficient countries to energy deficient countries.The world is facing energy crisis and terrorism.Pakistan is a route for tranportation,a front line state agaanst terrorism.That's why Stephen Cohn says: "While history has been unkind to Pakistan,its geography has been its greatest benefit.It has resource rich areas in areas in the north-west,people rich in the north-east"

Pakistan occupies a position of great geo strategic importance borded by Iran in the west,Afghanistan in the north-west,China on tha north-east India on the east and Arabian sea on the south.Geographically Pakistan is located in South Asia.Persian gulf has a geographical importance and countries like Iran,Iraq,Kuwait,Qatar,Bahrain,Suadia Arabia,Oman,UAE `etc., are located along it.These MUlim countries possess the wealth of oil which has enhanced their importance.Pakistan has cardial relations with these countries. Afghanistan and Central Asian Countries are far away from coastal areas and they are land locked countries.These countries have to go through the land of Pakistan to reach the sea.They are famous for oil and gas fields and high production of agriculture.Thus,they are very important for our future. China is situated in the north of northen mountains.the silk route connects Pakistan and China.These countries have warm realtions and their friendship is stronger than Hamalayas.China has helped Pakistan in the development of many defence and economic projects like Gawader. Pakistan is a bridge between South Asia and South West Asia.Iran and...
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