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Genting Highland Resort World| 2009
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- Genting Group founded by Tan Sri (Dr.) Lim Goh Tong.
- Resorts World Genting Formerly, it is known as Genting Highlands Resort. - located at 2,000 meters above the sea level and 58 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur.


- Tunku Abdul Rahman ( The Prime Minister ) was impressed that the private sector, without assistance of Government, could develop a mountain resort . - subsequently a gaming licence was suggested to help accelerate the development of this attraction place.

- First hotel at Genting Highlands was completed and now renamed Theme Park Hotel. - and then, Genting keep on to grow until today Genting Highlands Resort as the premier holiday destination in the region .

To date , Genting Highlands Resort has five hotels which is : - * Genting Hotel
* Highlands Hotel
* Resort Hotel
* Theme Park Hotel
* First World Hotel

Together with integrated world-standard entertainment facilities encompassing various leisure, indoor and outdoor theme parks and gaming facilities, Genting Highlands Resort has become the "City of Entertainment" and Malaysia's Premier Resort. 1997, Genting Highlands Resort further boosted its facility attraction with Genting Skyway cable car system that provides a 3.38 km transport to the hilltop. Genting Skyway is also recognised as the "World's Fastest Mono Cable Car System" with a maximum speed of 21.6 km per hour and the "Longest Cable Car in Malaysia and Southeast Asia".

Business Nature
The business nature of genting resort is hotel management and the major services are accommodation rental, so the business nature is hospitality. Known as Resorts World Genting, the resort offers six hotels : * Maxims Hotel

* First World Hotel
* Genting Hotel
* Highlands Hotel
* Resort Hotel
* Theme Park Hotel
* 10,000 rooms,
* 60 fun rides,
* 170 dining and shopping outlets,
* mega shows,
* business convention facilities
* endless entertainment
all at one location - Genting Highland.


Cost Unit
Cost unit is a unit of production, service or time or combination of these, in relation to which costs may be ascertained or expressed.

Cost Centre
In a business, it is divided into sections called cost centre where costs are accumulated. It is a location, person or item of equipment ( or group of these) in respect of which costs may be ascertained and related to cost units.

Example of Classification of Cost Centre in Genting Resort :

1. Front Office
It is the most important department of the Genting Resorts. The main function of this department is to give warm welcome to the guest . It helps to create good image in front of the guest. This is the first department where guest comes in contact with. It generates the maximum revenue for the hotel as it sells room to the guests. This also includes sub departments like reservation, Bell desk, and Information desk.

2. Food and Beverage Service
It is a department which serves food and beverage to the guest, which creates good impression on the guest. There are several kind of food and beverage outlet like restaurants, Bars, Coffee shops, take away banquets etc. It is second most revenue producing department of the hotel by selling different types of food and beverage to the guest.

Examples :
* Bakery - Pastries, sandwiches & desserts
* Coffee Terrace - Asian and Western buffet
* Genting Palace Restaurant - Cantonese cuisine
* Ming Ren Restaurant - Xinjiang cuisine
* The Olive - Fine Dining Western cuisine
* VIP Restaurant - Thai-Chinese cuisine

3. Housekeeping
This department is responsible for cleaning and maintaining the cleanness of Genting Resorts which include public area, guest rooms, lobby, etc. Generally this department is not visible to the guest. It works for guest...
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