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Genetic Testing
David A Sistrunk
Farmingdale State College
Nur 215w

Genetic Testing
Genetics have long been recognized as a blueprint for many diseases. Targeting appropriate patients for counseling and testing could help increase overall health and quality of life. Genetic testing for adults can confirm a diagnosis or assess risk for patients who are asymptomatic. Advance knowledge of an increased risk of a disease due to genetics may lead to changes in lifestyle or proper screening. To use an example would be a case involving a women identified with BRCA gene mutations. The surgical solution would be to have a risk reducing bilateral mastectomy. This pre-emptive procedure all but eliminates the chance of a woman developing breast cancer (Raby, Kohlmann, & Venne, 2012).In some cases patients would have risk reducing surgery before the onset of disease. Family history is the primary factor in dealing with genetic risks for diseases. When obtaining a history and physical, a registered nurse may ask what diseases a patients parents had first. The goal is to identify diseases that are inherited, and have patients referred to a genetic service for more extensive evaluation. The S.C.R.E.E.N method is a sequence of questions that can gather information on family history. (Raby, Kohlmann, & Venne, 2012) . Is there Some concerns of diseases that run in your family, like high blood pressure? Do you have reproductive problems like infertility or birth defects? Have there been any early diseases or deaths in your family? What is the ethnicity of your family or country of origin? Do you know any non-genetic conditions, like smoking and drinking alcohol in the family? These questions help gather information quickly and accurately regarding family history of a patient. Genetic testing can also present some obstacles. This testing depends on the family input to make a proper assessment. This can have an effect on...
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