Genre Is the Best Approach for the Academic Study of Hollywood Film Texts

Topics: Film noir, Femme fatale, Audience Pages: 3 (1005 words) Published: August 15, 2008
Nowadays, there are numerous and different type of films in the world. The genre approach is often use by academician to study a film and helps audience to know what to expect from a film. According to Lacey, Nick (2005) asserted that a genre offer a set of expectation that create a clear idea, for audiences, about what is possible in the film’s narrative world (p.47). Genre helps the cinematic industry as a whole by helping the audience choose which film they want to see. However, genre is just a basic approach that allows a film to be analysed in comparison to a large range of other films from a variety of sources that fall into the same genre category. In this article, I disagree that genre is the best approach for the academic study of Hollywood film texts. I will be discussing about film noir as a case study to argue against genre being the best approach. Basically, I’m disagree that almost film noir plots involve crime, the private eye wearing trench coat and fedora, the male are not admirable and the dangerous femme fatale and so on. Film noir is a cinematic style that dates as early as the 1940s that portrayed a dark world of crime, dangerous city streets, and corruption. Film noirs tend to include chiaroscuro lighting and they are using high contrast images to present the characters in the movie. For example, they tend to feature characters in a troublesome situations and making choices out of desperation. ‘Double Indemnity (1944)’ is an example of the film to represent in film noir because this movie enables to fit in the conventions which is using character types of femme fatale, rain and neon sign, use of mirrors and frames.The stories it tells are of people trapped in a situation they did not want, and usually doomed. It is also generally because of sexual attraction and in the end both male character and the femme fatale are punished or even killed for their actions. However, I do not think that genre is the best approach for the academic study of...
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