Genre Analysis

Topics: Fuck, Profanity, Comedy Pages: 3 (1074 words) Published: September 5, 2008
One of the main genres in music is Hip-Hop/R&B, because it is pop culture and a huge part of the youth community today. This genre has a good beat to it and it is easy to listen to and the lyrics relate to the lives of its listeners. Artists in the Hip-Hop/R&B genre portray sex in many different styles. Some artists use a romantic style while others use a humorous style that is very vivid. Artists choose to write about sex in their lyrics because it is controversial and it draws the attention of today’s youth. Sex is controversial because most people are not comfortable talking about it in an open setting. Artists use different languages in their lyrics to portrait sex. The words and metaphors they use make their styles different and it makes sex come across differently. Some artists use lyrics that are more forward and outright and you can see they are definitely talking about sex, while other artists use more subtle lyrics that disguise what they are talking about. In J. Holiday song, “Bed,” he uses the lyrics “I’mma put you to bed.” He uses these choice of words to disguise that he is talking about sex, for all we know he could have meant “night night it’s bed time.” We know he is talking about sex only because we assume. Another example of this is in “Holdin’ Back” by Marques Houston when he uses the lyrics “Why you tryna hold back when you know you want it just like I do.” We think he is talking about sex because we assume the “it” he is talking about is sex. Artists like Pretty Ricky and Afroman are more upfront and you can tell they are talking about sex. In “Colt .45” Afroman uses the lyrics “She sucked my dick till the shit turned white;” Obviously in these he is talking about sex based on his word choice. Another example of this is “Playhouse” by Pretty Ricky he uses the word “sex.” Artists choose to disguise sex based on their audience. The audience they are communicating to depends on their maturity level. The more mature audience will listen to the...
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