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Jonathan Albers
Chris Friend
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December 5, 2012
Instruction Manuals (Rough Draft)
Instructional manuals can be found in many contexts and whether we realize it or not, we have at least read or followed directions once in our lives. Believe it of not instruction manuals are used fro any product that is not bought built. Companies want their customers satisfied, so the manufacturer hires someone to type up instruction manuals for the product they are selling. Normally, there will only be one person writing instructional manuals on a computer. Instruction manuals are straightforward and used to guide people to putting together the product they purchased. People use instruction manuals for possibly everything. Depending on the product, will determine who the buyers are.

The individuals and teams that create instruction manuals can be refereed to as instructional communicators. Notice the use of communicators rather than writers. Not everyone who writes manuals is a writer by education. Instructional communicators could also be developers or designers of the product.

The name used to describe the writing process has deeper implications than merely job titles. Since titles describe what the job entails, they also release new responsibilities onto the writer. The job title, instruction manual writer, added elements to the writing process. The majority of manual writers are not just responsible for the writing of the document. They are also involved with the layout, design and testing aspects of the document. These responsibilities are not a bad thing though, because consumers can trust the seller if he/she knows what he/she is talking about. The changes of job titles affect the genre as well, because the emphasis is not placed directly onto the actual structure.

Whether or not the audience understands what they are reading, the writing found in instructional manuals must be aimed at the customer’s level of understanding and...
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