Topics: Gene, Genetics, DNA Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: February 29, 2012
Chapter 2 Assignment 2/25/12
Write a one-page report about what a genotype is, what a phenotype is and how they can interact. Did you know that the composition of living organisms can be defined by two distinct parts – Phenotype and Genotype? In 1908, Wilhelm Johannsen introduced the distinction between genotype and phenotype upon realizing that the hereditary and developmental pathways were causally separate (Stanford University, 2011). While Phenotype and Genotype are depicted uniquely separate, they can interact. DEFINE GENOTYPE

The first part crucial to the composition of living organism is Genotype. Genotype is the foundation or the internal, inherited DNA genetic makeup of a living organism. It is an organism’s “entire genetic inheritenance or genetic potential,” as defined in Berger’s book, Invitation to the Lifespan. Therefore, your eye color begins here with both of your parents’ eye coloring. DEFINE PHENOTYPE

The second part is Phenotype which is the physical part of a living organism. It includes organs, tissues and cells, as well as reflexes and behaviors. According to a Stanford University website entry on Genotype-Phenotype,” The genotype of an organism is the class to which that organism belongs as determined by the description of the actual physical material made up of DNA that was passed to the organism by its parents at the organism's conception.” Simplified, "Phenotype is the outward, physical manifestation of the organism,” according to Professor John Blamire of Brooklyn (2000), “Anything that is part of the observable structure, function or behavior of a living organism.” An example of Phenotype is eye color. Eye color is an outward, physical appearance. The color of your eyes is determined by the color of your parents’ eyes upon conception (Genotype). This is also an example of Mendel's First Law, the Law of Dominance, “a developmental law, asserting that when the two factors of a factor pair in an individual organism differ...
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