Genocide Essay

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  • Published : February 12, 2008
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When talking about genocide the topic may be difficult to explain or reason yet every person has there own opinion about it. Ward Churchill has a strong belief and how America still faces genocide even today. The thesis of this article is that genocide is practiced world wide and it needs to stop being denied by the people that it is happening all over.

People view genocide in many different ways. Before reading this article when asked what I thought genocide was I would instantly say the Holocaust. That was the only time I even gave the issue thought or consideration because I was never taught that there were any other occurrences. It is unusual to think that abortion is murder and making it legal all over the United States and it happening throughout the day could very well be a form of genocide. That is though how I believe. I believe that abortion is wrong and is killing an unborn child while others may not. We cannot put the holocaust into just the category of an outrageous genocide because by no means is that the only group of people in history that were suffering, tortured, and or hurt. These "practices" are happening everyday. America has been taught to forget and be in denial about theses things that are happening in our backyard.

The article was informative about other massacres that have gone on and how the United States handled them. I do not like how the Senate would not put the word genocide in a film. That is a terrible form of rejection of our ancestors and history itself. What ever has happened in our countries past has made us stronger whether it is good or bad and has made us who we are. We may be ashamed but we should not forget because 50 million people is hard to forget. Churchill did a great job informing me and others that genocide was not just a one time occurrence, it goes on throughout the world even today.
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