Genocide Comparison

Topics: Rwandan Genocide, Armenian Genocide, Rwanda Pages: 1 (368 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Genocide Comparison Essay

From 1915 to 1994, the Rwanda, Holocaust and the Armenian genocide had many similarities and differences. The three incidences were helped in different degrees by other countries. Rwanda had the least help and the Holocaust had the most with Armenia in between. All three incidents did result in continuing tensions between the groups.

The difference between all three events was the degree of which they were aided. Rwanda was helped the least out of the three countries. Some soldiers from Belgium were murdered while helping in Rwanda so other countries evacuated their soldiers. No one evacuated any of the Tutsis or Hutu moderates though. The UN and US also tried to find ways to be able to not label the killings in Rwanda as genocide because they did not want to have to help. In the end, Rwanda barely got any help from outside countries. Armenia received a little more help from outside nations. Many countries including the British, the French, the Russian, the German and the Austrian governments condemned the Armenian genocide. Finally, the Holocaust received the most help. Nations actually engaged in a war to help the victims of the Holocaust which is more than they did with the other events. Eventually this caused Germany to surrender in 1945, ending the Holocaust.

The Armenia Genocide, the Rwanda Genocide and the Holocaust all resulted in long lasting tensions between the groups involved. The Turkish government denied the Armenian Genocide ever happening. This has caused a great deal of tension because the Armenians are upset that the mistakes that were made are not recognized. To this day, there is tension between the two groups because of the genocide. In Rwanda the Tutsi’s still resent the Hutu’s for what they did to them. Many family friends killed each other and many felt betrayed by people they thought they could trust. It is very hard for the Tutsi’s to be able to forgive the Hutu, especially this soon after the Genocide...
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