Genocide: Australia vs. Nazi Germany

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  • Published : October 22, 2012
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Both Australia and Nazi Germany manipulated ‘scientific racism’ to justify their racial policies such as mass murder and extermination. Whereas they differed in the application of genocide.

In the early 1930’s Germany was experiencing a depression, especially economically due to their defeat in World War 1. Hitler came into reign as Germany was in a desperate situation and the Nazi party became the only political party permitted in Germany. During the tense and violent times of the Holocaust In Nazi Germany, many people began to become uncertain of Hitler’s beliefs and questioned his laws that were forced upon the population.

Hitler strongly enforced ‘scientific racism’ through creating the master race which was known as the Aryan race and was superior above all other races. The Aryan race was a white person with blonde hair, blue eyes and no Jewish decent. The typical Jew had dark hair and dark eyes, which declared them inferior and considered as “vermin”. Gypsies, homosexuals, disabled and so-called anti-socials, were also seen as inferior due to their perceived deficiency, they were known as the ‘undesirables’. The deficits were killed, sent off to concentration camps where they had to live in harsh conditions, gassed in gas chambers and were treated as inhumane due to Hitler’s racial guiding principles. The Holocaust used scientific racism to justify their racial policies, and the it was recognized as a mass genocide as a large group of people especially those of a specific ethnic group or nation were deliberately killed off.

Similar events seemed to be arousing in Australia in 1901. “The stolen generation” refers to the forced removal of Aboriginal children from their families. Authorities mainly targeted children of mixed descent; these were known as ‘half caste’ children. The government’s main aim was to breed the Aborigine out of them and assimilate them into white society. These children were sent to reserves where they would work or they were...
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