Genital Mutilation

Topics: Culture, Woman, Cultural relativism Pages: 2 (697 words) Published: May 1, 2013
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Genital Mutilation

Should women be forced to do something they do not want to participate in? This is definitely not an option in countries where religious beliefs and culture is above woman’s rights. There was a case where a girl from Togo was getting forced to do cultural things that she nor her parents agreed on doing, so the girl decides to flee the country. What was so bad that the girl had to flee her country in order to prevent her from getting forced in to doing? You ask yourself. This is a case of genital Mutilation, which is very common in Africa even tough it is resisted. This is a case where a girl runs away from her country with the help of her mother, she was trying to get forced into having this painful procedure done to her at a young age. Genital Mutilation can happen in 3 different ways is a procedure women cliterodectomy,a part or the whole of the clitoris is amputated and bleeding stopped by a stich. Excision is another method, both the clitoris and the inner lips are amputated and bleeding stopped by pressure or a stich. The third method is infibulation, the clitoris is removed some or all of the labia is cut off and incisions are made to create a new raw surface. These surgery’s are bad to a woman because they can lead to major health problems, these include infections, hemorrhages, difficulties in urination, pain during intercourse, rips and tears during childbirth and these are just a few of the complications some of these young woman can get. Now we should not judge another culture without us being able to accept other people judging ourselves by other cultures, is what the author tells us in one of his four criticisms that while influenced by relativism stop short of general relativist thesis. I agree with the author in this sense, and yes our culture is very judgeful of other cultures. I also agree with the author that the third criticism is ridiculous because comparing a diet with a procedure that will...
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