Genital Herpes

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Herpes simplex, HIV Pages: 2 (531 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Genital Herpes
Do we all know what genital herpes is? Do we know what causes it and how to prevent or how to treat it? First let’s start my explaining what genital herpes is, it’s a STD caused by being sexually transmitted from one partner to another; having sex means anal, vaginal, or oral. This is a type of infection caused by HSV which is herpes simplex virus. This virus affects the genitals, as well as the skin in other parts of the body. Most people have no signs or symptoms of the virus. However if there were any signs, the typical area is around the genitals and it is one or more blisters. When the blisters do break it leaves a sore bruises that last up to 3 or 4 weeks to heal. Another outbreak can occur weeks or months after but always less severe than the first outbreak. The infection can stay in the body forever; the number of outbreaks is decrease over a period of years.

Genital herpes may cause painful genital sores in many adults and can be severe in people with suppressed immune system. Touching the sores or the fluids from the sores they may transfer herpes to another part of the body. It’s required to just leave it alone and jus continue with the medication. On the other hand if you do happen to touch it, immediately and thorough hand-washing make the transfer less likely. HSV-1 and HSV-2 can be found in and released from sores that the viruses cause. It may be released from skin that does no appear to have a sore. Moreover, a person can only get HSV-2 infection during sexual contact with someone who has a genital HSV-2 infection.

There’s no treatment for the cure of herpes but there are medicine that can shorten and prevent outbreaks for the period of time the person takes the medication. Using the correct and consistent use of latex condoms can reduce the risk of genital herpes because herpes symptoms’ can occur in both male and female genital areas that are protected by latex condom. There is no specific type of person that cannot get...
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