Genghis Khan: the Merciless Mongol

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  • Published : November 10, 2012
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Genghis Khan: The Merciless Mongol
Elijah Gaglio
History 101: World Civilization
23 January 2012

Elijah Gaglio
Professor Harrison
History 101
23 January 2012
Genghis Khan: The Merciless Mongol
Genghis Khan ruled one of the most rapid growing empires in the 13th century. His military tactics along with his merciless fist, helped him achieve one of the greatest empires of that time and some say the entire world. He knew early on of the power of a united front. Therefore, he united all of the local tribes and created what is now known as the Mongol Empire. He was able to do this by offering himself, as a chief general, which led to an inheritance of leadership in several tribes, from there he used himself as an ally and created treaties with his neighboring tribes. His army and his tactics, were one of the main reason for his many successes. One of his greatest feats was when he won over control of the Khwarezmian Empire, through his military procedures, he savaged through the place not leaving a single thing behind connecting him to the treasured silk road. Genghis Khan although known as a tyrant and powerful ruler, he tolerated numerous of other religions and was more interested in trade, goods, and land, then he actually was in killing and destruction; although he was not afraid to commit these actions. Through all of his feats, trading and learning flourished from the East to the West. Khan’s unique set of skills launched him into a huge powerful World player, his constant gain of knowledge, and his utilization of resources are the reasons for his infamous legacy.

Genghis Khan was born around 1162 CE, into the Mongol tribes, he was the son of a chief of one of the clans at the time.[i] His father unfortunately died from an opponents attacked, which left him in charge when he was only twelve years old.[ii] His father’s followers were not about to take orders from a kid, so they exiled Genghis as well as his brothers, sisters, and mother from the clan.[iii] They were relatively poor, eating whatever they were able to find.[iv] During their exile he killed his half-brother, Begter, out of resentment and anger; because of this he was seized as a slave however he was able to escape several years later around the age of sixteen. [v] After he was freed he created an alliance with the Konkirat tribe and was able to gain his strength back. [vi]

However when he was 20 years old he was enslaved by the Touchiest tribe, but with the help from one of his captors he was able to escape to the safety of his brothers. [vii] He created an army of over 20,000 men, and his main goal for them was to combine any borders between the mongol tribes. [viii] He was going to conquer all of the local tribes, and reorganize them so that they were all under Ong Khan’s rule. [ix] Impressed with his military strategies, he soon earned the role as the great chief as well as his sole heir. [x]Ong Khan’s actual son, Senggum, was slightly unhappy about this, and so he tried to have Genghis assassinated, Genghis caught wind of this and he had Senggum killed by his own “loyal followers.[xi]

One of his very first raids with his newly founded army was against the Tatar tribe, this was a huge goal for Ghengis because they were the tribe responsible for poisoning his father. [xii] In this raid, he orders that, “every Tatar male less than 3 feet tall” be killed and all of the “chiefs were boiled alive”.[xiii] This was one of the first times, Genghis showed his merciless, and extreme militaristic actions, which discouraged some of his followers.[xiv] But it paved the path to his merciless reputation. The Tatar army was used as an object to scare the rest of the tribes subconsciously; because it played off his strength and his military tactics.

His military tactics is one of the main reasons for his success although he was tenacious and driven, his keen understanding of enemy techniques and motives allowed him to utterly conquer...
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