Genghis Khan Experience

Topics: Mongols, Genghis Khan, Mongol Empire Pages: 2 (736 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Today, I went to the museum, Fernbank museum to be exact. I decided to take my visiting grandmother with me because I knew that she would enjoy seeing all the history and exhibits. I can honestly tell you that visiting Fernbank was a pleasant experience. When first coming in to the main building the first thing you see is a giant dinosaur skeleton, my grandmother could not stop gaping at it! It was awe inspiring knowing that something that large used to exist in this world millions of years ago.

After finishing marveling at the prehistoric bones, my grandmother and I went down to the bottom floor where the Genghis Khan exhibit was. Upon entering the exhibit the first thing you see or notice is the giant statue of Genghis Khan. This kind of sets you up to show you what a great and powerful man Genghis Khan had to have been to deserve a statue made in his honor. After seeing this, going into the next room or part of the exhibit you see a banner detailing the early stages of Genghis Khan’s , whose original name was Temujin’s, life. He was born as a Mongol tribe leaders son. As he was a tribesman he grew up learning and adhering to tribal life. Mongol tribe life is constantly on the move and very ruthless. When Temujin’s father was killed by a rival or enemy tribe, Temujin gathered together over 20,000 Mongol soldiers to exact revenge on the clan that killed his father. This according to some of the signs on the wall was supposedly the beginning of Temujin’s, or better known as Genghis Khan’s, rise to power.

There were glass cases and show tables everywhere showing what type of armor and weapons the people used back then. My favorite to look at were the swords because they were so intricately made. The details in such things left me baffled as to how they achieved such intricacy with the tools that they used back then. Also, apparently, the Mongols were excellent horsemen and warriors. Because of the speed and maneuverability of the horse this gave the Mongols a...
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