Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World

Topics: Genghis Khan, Mongol Empire, Mongolia Pages: 4 (1556 words) Published: December 20, 2012
The book I have chosen is called Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World. This book describes the Mongol Legacy and how his achievements have impacted the globe since he was first found. This book consists of Jack Weatherford’s take of how the Mongolian empire impacted the world. This book is divided into sections that talk about the stages of the Mongol influence.

The first chapter is an introduction and a first chapter name “A Blood Clot”. It starts out with the speculation of the death of Genghis Khan. Some say that his lover killed him others say that he died of illness. It describes how he had no former education when he was younger and how he was at a young age. He found a best friend, which would become his lifelong enemy. It also talks about how in a short time he managed to defeated everyone more powerful than him and how he had Mongolia under his rule. It explains that Genghis Khan was born under the name Temujin. The chapter ends with how he found love and he found a young bride, which will mother future emperors The second chapter is called “Tale of the 3 rivers”. Temujin had to leave his bride, stepmother, and the women that took his family in behind to flee with his six companions, mother and sister from a raid the Merkids had on the village he was staying in. After fleeing the raid, Temujin decided to fight back to regain his wife because he indeed loved her. He went to Ong Khan and sought out his help. With the help of Ong Khan’s Mongol allies, Temujin was able to retrieve his wife. In order to go live with his newfound friend Jamuka in order to upgrade his condition and that of his families (they were living in the mountains) he had to change from a hunter to a herder. He would also become a steppe warrior. Temujin became tired of being treated poorly from those of the village for being from a black-boned kin. He decided that he would start his own tribe making him a white-boned kin member. This is when the rivalry with Jamuka...
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