Genghis Khan

Topics: Genghis Khan, Mongol Empire, Ögedei Khan Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: February 24, 2012
Fernando Londono 11/14/11
HIS 389

Critical Review Assignment

History can be defined as past events, peoples or times recorded in connection with the human race. These recordings allow us to look back in to time in order to obtain a better understanding of the past. Since we were not present to witness these events, one must turn to experts on specific subjects to acquire the desired knowledge. However one may find that different historians may have different points of views on specific historical figures or events. Genghis Khan also spelled Chinggis Khan is one if not the most well known conqueror of all time and has had countless biographies written about his life. It only makes sense that I would conduct a critical review comparing and contrasting different biographies based on this historical figure. These biographies include Genghis Khan, The History of the World Conqueror by Ata-Malik Juvaini, Chinggis Khan, World Conqueror by Ruth W. Dunnel, Ghenghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World by Jack Weatherford. Although all these authors are discussing the same topic it is clear that because of the fact that these authors come from different backgrounds they will have different ways of relaying the information to the reader. Each Author has his or her own personal experiences which have helped influence the way they retain information that they later present the reader with. Whether it be discussing personal backgrounds, writing styles, or points of views on specific events. In this critical review we shall be exploring the ways in which each of these authors differs from the next.

Before being able to make an accurate critical analysis on these authors writing, we must first look at the experiences that may have influenced their writing. One of the most obvious differences between the authors Ata-Malik Juvaini, Ruth W. Dunnell, and Jack Weatherford are the cultural backgrounds and upbringings. Ata-Malik...
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