Genghis Khan

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  • Published: January 29, 2013
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Genghis Khan Notes

Bio Details:

Birth date:1162, Deluun Boldog
Death date: August 18th 1227 A.D, Western Xia (Now the Chinese provinces of Ningxia)

Successor: His grandson, Kublai Khan who expanded the empire till it reached central Europe and the Middle East.

Children: He had four children; Ogedei Khan, Jochi, Tolui Borjigin, Chagatai Khan.

Siblings: Genghis Khan had three full brothers; Jochi khasar(Jochi senior) Temuge, and Khajun.

He also had two step brothers, one of which he killed when he was still a boy. His father died, and left the step children in the care of Genghis's mother.

In 1206, the Mongol people made him ruler. The only thing he was afraid of where dogs; their barks scared him.

Significant Achievements:

Conquerer and founder of the mongolian empire, he brought many of the nomadic mongolian tribes together and formed the greatest empire in history . He reigned the Empire from 1206-1227 A.D.

He created the trade route between Asia, Europe, and the Middle East (The silk road). He started the mongolian dynasty.
In 1215, only nine years after becoming emperor, Genghis Khan broke through the wall of china and gained modern day Beijing.


He had an extremely fast traveling army that could travel 70 miles in a day. He formed the largest empire in History. Many of his enemies surrendered in fear of his brutal ravages.

What do we learn from Genghis Khan?

Though he had the largest empire in History, Genghis Khan was not kind in any way. Many of his attacks where extremely brutal, wiping out whole communities. His army was very fast, and we can learn from him is his leadership, and the fact that he had his own opinion.

Research questions:

Who was his wife?

He had many wives throughout his life, he married for his first time at the age of fifteen.

How was his army so successful?

He had a very fast army, they could travel about seventy miles per day. They where feared all over, and often...
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