Genghis Khan

Topics: Genghis Khan, Fortification, Siege Pages: 2 (435 words) Published: October 28, 2012
J. Chandler
W. Carraway
World Civilization I
October 22, 2012
Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan was both a feared military conqueror ad an intelligent administrative of the empire he created, but I think that khan being an intelligent administrative of his empire was the most important of the two of shaping the modern world. Its most his techniques he used as the military conqueror that made me certain.

Khan fighting techniques shows that he has leadership skills, he was able to the find his enemies strengths and weaknesses and use it against them. His leadership skills where to good use when he trained his army to win. In “ Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World” written by Jack Weatherford, he stated that “ […] Khan’s innovative fighting techniques made the heavily armored knights of medieval Europe obsolete, replacing them with disciplined cavalry moving in coordinated units. Rather than relying on defensive fortifications, he made brilliant use of speed and surprise on the battlefield, as well as perfecting siege warfare to such degree that he ended the era of walled cities” (Weatherford xvii).

G. Khan had established a system that worked for him and his people for at least three generations. Like J. Weatherford said, “ Genghis Khan taught his people not only to fight across incredible distances but to sustain their campaign over years, decades, and eventually, more than three generations of constant fighting” (Weatherford xvii).

He taught the techniques he used to his sons and grandsons, to pass down through the family, and just thinking that he could accomplish all that coming from an outcast family left to die. Weatherford“ In twenty-five years […]. Khan, together with his sons and grandsons, conquered the most densely populated civilizations of the thirteenth century. […] In American terms, the accomplishments of Genghis Khan might be understood if the United States, […], had been founded by one of its illiterate slaves, who […] united...
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