Genetics Lab Midterm

Topics: Ampicillin, Polymerase chain reaction, Bacteriophage Pages: 16 (2557 words) Published: March 28, 2012
Genetics Lab Midterm
October 29, 2010

Section or TA (-53 points if not filled in):______________


I pledge that I will neither seek help nor offer help to any other student while taking this exam. I will make every effort to assure that no other student can see my answers. I also state that I have no aids, such as crib sheets and that I know of none used by other students. I have not conferred with any student who has already taken the exam, nor will I pass on any information to students who have yet to take the exam.


INSTRUCTIONS: Read all of the instructions before beginning the exam.

The only things allowed on your desks are the exam sheets, your pen, and an approved calculator.

Read each question carefully. If you have any questions during the exam, raise your hand and one of the proctors will come to your place and try to help you.

Approved calculators are permitted, but under no circumstances are you to share your calculator with another student. If your calculator is in a case, remove it and put the case away. NO other electronic devices allowed (cell phones, PDA’s, lap tops, iPods, toaster ovens, etc).

Always show your calculation and include proper units.

When answering ‘True/False” questions, correct any false statements. The addition of a negating term is not a sufficient correction.

Relax! Show off.

1.____True or False: Gloves should be worn when working with bacteria or chemicals.

2. ____True or False: When finished counting colonies on TBAB plates, the plates should be placed into the trash can.

3.Briefly define “bacteriophage”.

4. A left-handed man marries a left-handed woman. They bear a daughter who is right-handed. What conclusion can be made from this?

A. The man is not the father
B.The woman is not the mother
C . This is perfectly normal.

5.___True or False: T2 and Mu both infect E. coli.

6.___True or False: Mu and MuCts are both temperate phage at 32º.

7.The following questions pertain to paternity. A woman cab roll her tongue, has normal color vision, and Alu/PV92 genotype PV+/PV+. She bears a son who cannot roll his tongue, has protan color vision, and Alu/PV92 genotype PV+/PV-. Which of the following men can positively be ELIMINATED as the father of this boy. Circle the letter of each man who can be eliminated (if any can be eliminated), AND the trait or traits on which you base the elimination of him as the father. If none can be eliminated, write ‘none’.

| |Color Vision |Can Roll Tongue |Alu PV 92 Genotype | | |Mother |Normal |Yes |PV+/PV+ | | |Son |Protan |No |PV+/PV- | | | | | | | | |Wally |Deutan |Yes |PV-/PV- | | |Theodore |Normal |No |PV+/PV+ | | |Eddie |Protan |Yes |PV+/PV- | | |Ward |Normal |No |PV-/PV- | |

8.Diagram TWO ways to make a 1/80 dilution. One involving one dilution; the other involving more than one dilution.

9.0.75 mL = how many µL? ___________
For #10 - #12
A researcher wishes to determine if resistance...
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