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 1. The coiled tubular structures arising from the dermis that excrete sweat are the: sudoriferous glands
 2. The outer layer of skin is called the:
 3. Melan/o/cytes in the stratum basale layer of the epidermis produce Melanin (means black like nigra), which is responsible for: skin color
 4. The layer of skin that is sometimes referred to as true skin is the: dermis or cutis
 5. The combining forms that mean "nail" are:
unguin/o- or onycho-
 6. The combining forms cutane/o- (cutaneous), pel/o- (pellagra), -derm- (ep/iderm/is and dermat/itis) , and cut/i- (cut/icle) all mean: skin
 7. The term Nettles, Hives, or ______________ refers to a rash that may be characterized by wheals. Urticaria "allergic reaction"
 8. The compound diagnostic term "Dermato/myc/osis" actually means: an extensive skin fungus condition, state of, or infection
 9. The compound term "Sebo/aden/itis" literally means: inflamed oil gland
 10. The combining forms Hidr/o- and Sudero- both mean: sweat
 11. The surgical term Rhytid/ec/tom/y literally means: procedure of cutting out wrinkles
 12. The suffix that means to view is:
-opsy "bi/o/psy"
 13. The suffix that means berry shaped is:
 14. Chiggers are also referred to as ___________. These six-legged mites are parasitic on insects, vertebrates, and man. They attach to the skin where they secrete saliva that causes itching, wheals, and dermatitis. redbugs or red mites

 15. The diagnostic term that means localization of pus is: abscess "tissue goes away"
 16. The diagnostic term Hidr/aden/itis means:
inflammation of a sweat gland
 17. The diagnostic term that means skin or tissue bruise is: contusion
 18. The term that means invasion into the skin and body hair by lice is: pediculosis
 19. The pre/cancerous skin condition that is characterized by horny and hard skin that was caused by excessive exposure to sunlight is: actinic kerat/osis
 20. The diagnostic term _____________ actually means tissue death or literally "an eating sore." This condition is usually caused by Clostridium prefringenes and/or poor blood supply. gangrene

 21. The diagnostic term that actually means the process of scraping away the skin by a mechanical process or injury is: ab/ras/ion
 22. A malignant neoplasmic skin condition that spreads to organs & lymph nodes, which is commonly associated with AIDS, diabetes, and lymphoma is: Kaposi's Sarcoma
 23. The medical term that means berry-shaped bacteria in twisted chains is: strepto/coccus
 24. The medical term Cicatrix literally means:
 25. The medical term Nevus means:
mole or birthmark
 26. If a patient has a decubitus ulcer, he or she has a(n): pressure bedsore
 27. The medical term that means Wart is:
 28. The medical term Pruritus means:
severe itching
 29. The medical term that means small, solid skin elevation is: papule
 30. The medical term which refers to a yellow or orange-yellow tinge to the skin that results from damaged liver cells is: jaundice
 31. The diagnostic term Acne Vulgaris literally means: pointed and common
 32. The procedural term Dermatoplasty includes ___________ surgery. face lifts, eyelid drooping, and belly tucks
 33. The diagnostic term Seb/orrhea Dermat/itis is also known as: dandruff
 34. The diagnostic term Geriatric Alopecia actually means: "old age” baldness "fox mange"
 35. The disease term Anthrax literally means:
coal or carbuncle "lesion"
 36. The diagnostic term Cheil/itis literally means:
inflammation of the lip
 37. The diagnostic term Curettage of a skin lesion literally means: scooping
 38. The diagnostic term Furuncle actually means ____________and is a staphylococcus inflection of a hair follicle or hair gland: boil
 39. The diagnostic term Rubella (red) is also known as: 3 day measles
 40. The diagnostic term Herpes literally means:...
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