Genetically Modified Organisms

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  • Published : February 26, 2013
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Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) - the organism, the genotype of which has been artificially altered by genetic engineering techniques. Such changes are usually made in the scientific or economic purposes. Genetic modification is different purposeful change in the genotype of an organism, in contrast to the random characteristic of the natural and artificial mutagenesis. Development of GMOs is considered by some scientists as a natural development work on the breeding of animals and plants, only to simplify the process. Others, however, genetic engineering is considered a complete departure from the classical selection as GM - this is not the product of artificial selection, that is, the phasing out of the new varieties (species) of organisms through natural reproduction, and, in fact, artificially created in a laboratory with a new type of right all the necessary genes. In this case, no new gene has not been created by mankind, genetic engineering operates only genes with existing in nature. In many cases the use of transgenic plants, greatly increasing productivity. It is believed that at the current rate of world population only GM can save the world from the threat of famine, as with the genetic modification can increase the yield and quality of food. Opponents of this view maintain that the present level of agricultural technology and mechanization of agricultural production already exist today, received a classical way, plant varieties and animal breeds are able to fully provide the world's population with high quality food. Genetic engineering is used to create new plant varieties that are resistant to adverse environmental conditions and pests, with better growth and flavor. Created new breeds of animals are different, in particular, rapid growth and productivity. Varieties and breeds have been created, the products of which have high nutritional value and contain higher amounts of essential amino acids and vitamins. Tested genetically modified...
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