Genetically Modified Organisms

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  • Published : January 27, 2013
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A Genetically Modified Organism is an organism whose inherited matter has been altered using heritable engineering techniques. It is basically a special set of technologies that alter the genetic makeups in organisms that vary, such as plants, animals, or bacteria. Combining genes from different species is known as recombinant DNA technology, and the outcome organism is known as genetically modified. Now the question lies, is genetically modified organisms needed to suppress hunger? In my opinion, yes, Genetically Modified Organisms can be the solution to the global hunger crisis. The technology to genetically modify has the ability to clone plants and animals, let them grow at much fast rates, and improve unwanted traits as well as eliminate tendencies to particular illnesses, and diseases. GMOs are created with three required main components, the gene we want to transfer, the specie we want to put into, and the vector to take the gene into the target organism’s cells. The procedure it for the gene to be cut out and isolated from the original organism by the restriction catalyst, then the trans-gene is put into a vector which has the ability of getting inside cells of the target species. The target gene is then inserted into the host cells, which once in there will input into the host’s genome. Finally the genome is copied and new cells are created, and the trans-gene will also be found in the DNA of each new cell. The GMO is based on biological studies and the area of genetics in ecology is involved. GMO’s have had a lot of impacts, such as environmentally there has been better mutual litter management, conservation of soil, water, as well as energy, bioprocessing of forestry produce, and more capable processing. Socially it has expanded food safety for rising populations, and economically reducing pest problems, and considerable net benefits related to standard crops. Against conventional organisms however these impacts do stack up, in ways such as they are...
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