Genetically Modified Food

Topics: Genetic engineering, Genetically modified food, DNA Pages: 4 (1349 words) Published: January 12, 2008
Genetically modified (GM) foods are ethically unacceptable. GM foods are food product derived in whole or part from a genetically modified organism by human intention. It is a special set of technologies that concerns the alteration, deletion, or addition of the genetic makeup of living organisms such as animals, plants, or bacteria.

This is an important issue because GM foods have been dubbed as the "Food of the Future" and although studies have shown that genetically modified foods may bring about many benefits to mankind, we must also look into the ethical issues involved in producing such food before we even consider accepting it as the way of the future. First, we must understand that the word "ethical" is defined as having to do with ethics or morality; or of conforming to moral standards.

There will be 3 parts to this essay. Firstly, I will be presenting and defending 2 arguments that support my stand. Following that, I'll take into consideration some common objections against my thesis. Lastly, I will summarize the main points in this essay before drawing to a conclusion. The essay's argument takes the form of Modus Ponens: If GM is X, GM is unethical

GM is X
> GM is unethical

My main argument is that it is unethical to tamper with nature by mixing genes among the different species. By doing so, it may actually lead to a violation of natural organisms' intrinsic values. There is a very delicate balance that links this world together and this is the balance that makes things work. GM foods might actually give rise to more complications such as the disturbance of nature's food pyramid. For example, the pesticide produced in the crop may unintentionally harm other creatures while producing a benefit to others. The introduction of pest-resistant genes into crops could lead to the death of the pests and other animals causing an imbalance in the food chain that could possibly lead to the extinction of some species especially if they are only...
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