Genetic Engineering Outline

Topics: DNA, Genetics, Francis Crick Pages: 4 (1344 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Genetic Engineering

I.Imagine a world where everyone was perfect.
A.We would all look very similar with very little flaws.
B.We would excel in everything we did and never fail to produce anything but the best results. C.We would live in a world where there was no competition.
1.Music artist would not exist along with Olympic champions or top celebrities because everyone would be perfect at everything. D.Now this may sound like it could be the end of discrimination and competition for the world, however this is false. 1.Imperfection is what makes humans beings individuals.

2.It creates characteristics that deem each person different in their own special way. II.In this day and age, when people speak of genetic engineering or biotechnology, they are no longer speaking of foods we eat, but they can instead be referring to designing their own offspring. A.Ultimately, scientists are trying to allow humans to pick and choose the characteristics their child might have whether it be hair, eye color, height and more. B.They are also trying to find ways to replace certain genes in a child that might be the causative agent of disease with nonthreatening genes. III.Today, I am asking you to listen with an open mind as I present arguments that prove as to why genetic engineering is immoral and unethical. A.I will first show you the risks of genetic engineering.

B.Then we will talk about how genetically engineering designer babies will NOT create a perfect world, but rather an even more segregated and unfair one. C.Finally, I will propose why genetic engineering should not be used on humans, based on an ethical and moral point of view.

(Transition: Now, let’s begin by looking at the health risks involved with genetic engineering.) Body:
I.So far, scientists have identified a number of ways in which genetically engineered organisms could potentially unfavorably impact the human health and the environment. A.In order for a scientist...
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