Genetic Engineering, Ethical or Unethical?

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  • Published : March 14, 2011
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DNA is the “blueprint” for the individuality of an organism. The organism relies upon the information stored in its DNA for the management of every biochemical process. The life, growth and unique features of the organism depend on its “blueprint”. The parts of DNA which have been linked with specific features or functions of an organism are called genes. Molecular biologists have discovered many enzymes which change this structure in living organisms. Some of these enzymes can cut and join strands of DNA. Using these enzymes, scientists learned to cut specific genes and to build customized DNA using these genes. They also learned about vectors, strands of DNA such as viruses, which can infect a cell and insert themselves into its DNA. With this knowledge, scientists started to build vectors which integrated genes of their choosing and used the new vectors to insert these genes into the DNA of living organisms. This entire process is known as Genetic Engineering. Genetic engineers believe they can improve the foods we eat by doing this. For example, tomatoes are sensitive to frost. This shortens their growing season. Fish, on the other hand, survive in very cold water. Scientists identified a particular gene which enables a flounder to resist cold and used the technology of genetic engineering to insert this 'anti-freeze' gene into a tomato. This makes it possible to lengthen the growing season of the tomato. At first glance, this might look exciting to some people. Deeper consideration reveals serious dangers. Genetic Engineering is not ethical.

To help me better choose which side I would consider, I asked a few people their opinions. Most people told me they were against it. Each had their own reasons and made very good points. One person who was in favor of the concept pointed out, for humans it’s almost the same as plastic surgery. People dye their hair, wear colored contacts, and have cosmetic surgery done that change the way they look daily. I started...
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