Genetic Engineering (Christian Perspective)

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  • Published : June 10, 2012
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Genetic engineering and cloning, to many people, is a very ‘touchy’ subject, especially to religious communities such as the Christian community. Secular scientists believe that religion and science should be separated and not integrated, but myself personally, thinks it makes more sense when the two are put together. My views and opinions on this subject, are not just based on scientific evidence as the criteria for this paper states, but also based on my belief in the Bible and God. Though this would more than likely not be accepted in a college or university, I think this gives a good opportunity to spread knowledge and opinions, from a Christian and Christian scientists’ (creationist) perspective on genetic engineering and cloning. My sources and information are coming from credited creationists, that actually went to college and have a well known knowledge for genetic engineering and cloning. I have a somewhat split view on this topic, for reasons I will go into, pertaining to the word of God and also personal morals.

You might be wondering what a creationist is. Well it’s a just any other scientist, but they believe in God, and they apply and put the Bible and science together. Because I am still young and my opinions are swayed by different perspectives, I still consider myself to have the same views as many creationists. If anything that’s done, is against the will of God, blasphemes Him, or is a sin, I do not approve of it. I believe that the cloning of animals is not good or bad. My reason for this? It’s says in the Bible that God has given man dominion over all the plants and animals of the earth (Genesis 1:26–28). When it comes to animals, I believe it’s alright, but as long as it’s to help for the better of the people of the world (which hasn’t really been seen that much yet). I don’t think it should be for recreational or personal reasons. I’m not sure what value or purpose there is to cloning animals, maybe spare parts for other animals, but...
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