Genetic Engineering

Topics: Ethics, Frankenstein, Mary Shelley Pages: 3 (988 words) Published: October 26, 2011
Genetic Engineering: The Good and The Bad
The argument between whether genetic engineering is wrong or right rages on every day, and will continue to be an issue until everybody can come to an agreement on what can and can’t be done. Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein, writes about how she feels and questions the progression of modern science and how far we can go until it is just morally and ethically wrong. Through the mind of a young scientist, Mary pictures the possibility of what could happen if we venture too far into the unknown and how could it harm everyone. Knowing the line between continuing and finding things that can help society and knowing when to stop is essential to stop something from happening just like in the novel Frankenstein. Not only that, but many people argue over the fact that modifying the human body is wrong and go against the will of many different religions. The moral and ethical issues that Shelley brings up explains how genetic engineering can cause people around them great harm, but if used properly it may just benefit society as a whole.

Even though it may be for good purposes, genetic engineering has the ability to destroy anybody’s life inside and out. Scientists may want to stop a certain disease or illness with genetic engineering, but it may just end up backfiring and opening up more ways for new or unknown deadly diseases to enter into the equation and severely damage one’s body. Not only can it damage a person’s body, but it can affect how they will be treated in life as well. As stated by Ronnie Cummings in “Genetic Engineering Threatens Society”, “He also maintains that widespread genetic screening of human embryos, the objective of which is to abort embryos with genetic diseases and undesirable traits, could lead to discrimination against genetically “inferior” people.” Victor wanted to create a better human so there is no chance of it getting a disease and not to be affected by plague. However, Victor shows...
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