Genetic Engineering

Topics: DNA, Organism, Gene Pages: 4 (1239 words) Published: March 6, 2013

For the past twenty years, scientists have learned how to mix and match characteristics among unrelated creatures by moving genes from one creature to another. This is called “genetic engineering.” Genetic engineering also refers to the artificial modification of the genetic code of any living organism. Genetic engineering changes the original physical nature of the organism, sometimes in ways that would never occur in nature. Genes from one organism are inserted in another organism, most often across natural species boundaries. Some of the effects become known, but most do not. There are some examples of genetic engineering that have created chicken with four legs and no wings. Genetic engineering also created a goat with spider genes that creates silk in its milk. As we speak, more and more human genes are now being inserted into non-human organisms to create new forms of life that are genetically partly human. This brings new ethical questions to rise. Basically, Genetic engineering has created so many impossible things, where we couldn't have imagined these things being created 20 years ago. Now mostly everything has their advantages and disadvantages; Genetic engineering will soon become a huge part of our lives that will obviously include so many advantages and disadvantages. Some people believe that genetic engineering has no benefits and it is only causing more problems. But what is true is that there are many medical, agriculturally, and personal advantages to genetic engineering such as: * Animals can be engineered for healthier meat.

* Productivity of crops can be increased.
* Bacteria can be engineered to produce drugs needed for livestock. * Genes could also be manipulated in trees for example, to absorb more CO2 and reduce the danger of global warming. (Environmental benefits) * Detecting people that are genetically open to certain inherited disease could prevent diseases. * Gene therapy/treatment can fight diseases....
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