Genesis of Modern Modified Kiln from the Traditional Kiln Oven

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Genesis of Modern Modified Kiln from the Traditional Kiln Oven BY
It refers to the time or circumstances of something’s coming into being e.g. the genesis of a new project (Microsoft Corporation, 2008). It can be simply put as ‘a coming into being’ (Franc Morales, 2009). Kiln:

It is referred to as a furnace for firing or burning or such things as porcelain or bricks (Franc Morales, 2009). It is also referred to as any of several kinds of furnace, heated electrically or by the combustion of fuel, used to fire pottery or other ceramic products, to roast ores, or in the production of cement (Microsoft Corporation, 2008). Relating these definitions together to aquaculture and fisheries, one can say that a kiln is a furnace for smoking, drying and preservation of fish. Oven:

It is a kitchen appliance used for baking or roasting (Franc Morales, 2009). It also refers to a compartment warmed by a heat source used for baking, roasting, or drying (Microsoft Corporation, 2008). Joining the definitions of kiln and oven together, one can say that a kiln-oven is an implement used for preservation of fish. From all these deductions, one could therefore conclude that the topic ‘Genesis of modern modified kiln from the traditional kiln oven’ simply refers to the time or circumstance of the modern modified kiln’s coming into being from the traditional kiln.

Genesis of Modern Modified Kiln from the Traditional Kiln Oven (Adapted from Olokor et al) Smoking as a method of preservation of perishable foods dates back to civilization. Fish and fishery products are one of the most perishable of all staple commodities. They are therefore, suitable media for the growth and proliferation of micro-organisms (Jay, 1986). To prolong the shelf life of fish, fish is preserved by smoking. Smoke is generated from wood by burning. Smoke has bacteriostatic, bactericidal and antioxidant functions while heat generated from the wood has dehydrating effect on the fish (Eyo, 2001). The combinations of these processes give fish dry effect. Hence a well smoked fish can be kept in storage for months without undergoing spoilage. Fish smoking is the traditional occupation of artisanal fishermen and women in Nigeria with simple traditional ovens. There are different types of local ovens being used depending on the location. In the northern part of the country, Banda is used generally while in the south, it ranges from simple pit ovens to drum oven. The most important advantage of these simple ovens is the low capital cost. However, many disadvantages have been reported which include: I.Inefficient utilization of fuel wood

II.Poor quality of fish due to lack of control over the temperature of the fire and the density of smoke (Clucas, 1995) among others. To arrest these problems many workers have invented improved smoking kilns such as Chokor Kiln, Altona/Watanabe Smoking Kiln, Ivory Coast Kiln, Magbon Alade Kiln, Kainji Gas Smoking Kiln, Improved traditional smoking kiln and Modified Drum Kiln (MDK) among others. The merits of these kilns include: fuel efficiency, good quality products and high batch capacity. A description of a selected few is as follows: Chokor kiln

The kiln originated from Ghana in Chokor village from where it derived its name and is an improvement on the traditional smoking kiln. The kiln is rectangular in shape and has a mud, cement or back wall of inter nal dimensions of 0.7m x 0.7m x 0.7m. The top of the wall is flat to enable the wooden frame trays sit snugly against them. This version has two chambers and each chamber has centrally placed stoke hole, 38cm high and 38cm wide. The wooden smoking trays have dimension 0.8m x 0.8mx 0.7m and consists of chickenwire mesh nailed to the wooden frame. The smoking trays have a pair of handles on the opposite for lifting together. Up to 15kg of fish can be smoked on each tray. During smoking, the wooden trays...
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