Genesis: Human and God

Topics: Human, Solomon, Want Pages: 2 (907 words) Published: March 19, 2013
BIBI 105
Genesis confirms that all of creation in all of its beauty is good. The earth provides the substance in which Adam is formed from and the earth provides all human being the environment in which to flourish. Humans are given the ownership of the earth and all of the earth contains for God to do with it as he wishes. The earth resources are to benefit all people. We are created in the image of God. To be made in the image of God is to reflect the character of God. We need to take on the identity of Christ. Genesis chapter 2 portrays the relationship between God and humankind as one great intimacy walks between Adam and Eve in the garden. He created the garden for them to enjoy. God is introduced as an absolute personal being that cares about his creation and the human struggles of the fallen world. God speaks, creates, calls blesses and visits his creation and intervenes in the lives of his people. The Israelites did not need a king but decided they wanted one. They had judges and prophets but they were not happy being a nation ruled by God. They saw all the other nations around them with kings to rule them and they wanted a ruler that they could follow. Samuel chose Saul but he was not happy with that decision. Saul started out a good king but he later refused to listen to God’s commandments, so God chose David as king. David listened to God and repented repeatedly, Saul did not want to repent. Saul feared David was more popular than he was. King Solomon was accused of following other gods and allowed the people to worship other gods. He married foreign girls and allowed them to worship as they pleased. The people did not like this. After Solomon died, Israel spit because of the lack of good leadership. What happened to Saul happens to us, we start out doing good but at times evil is always present. It is best to do the right thing than to follow people. Sometimes you want to follow the crowd and do what it right but you can’t serve...
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