Genes and Chromosomes

Topics: Reproduction, Human, Fertility medication Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: April 20, 2011
Chapter two was a very interesting section. It talked about things like genes and chromosomes. The nervous and endocrine system and how they interact to send messages to the brain so it can then be transfurred to the different parts of the body to respond. All the parts of the brain, and what parts control which parts of your body, memory, vision, and how it works. The effects on the brain when separated into two hemispheres. We also saw images of the brain through EEG, CT scan, MRI, PET, and F MRI. All ways to look at the brain and its activity.

The most interesting part of the chapter for me it to learn about chromosomes. I think its fascinating that a person can be built form the tiny chromosomes of two other human beings. I researched this a little more and found some interesting facts about chromosomes, genes and twin babys. For instance I was always told that twins are hereditary but skipped a generation. That is not entirely true. The woman’s ability to produce two eggs at a time for fertilization is a gene that is passed down for twins. This gene can be passed to a male or female. If it is passed to a male it can then be passed to his daughter who might have a more likely chance to have twins. But the likeliness to pass it to a female is just as common.

With the use of more fertility drugs and assisted reproductive technology tho the numbers have gone up dramatically. With the help of fertility drugs the percentage is 1 in 32% chance of twins where a natural fertilized woman has a 1 in 89% chance. There is also an increase in the number of triplets and other multiple births. It makes me wonder if the chromosomes or genes will be altered in the future and have an affect on the number of children their children will have.
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