Generic Formula in Film

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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Generic formulas in film are a certain plot that you can predict what is going to happen because it happens in every movie in the same genre. For an example in a horror movie, the viewer usually knows one person is going to die and then another and then another. The last person to die is the female. This is a generic example. From the movie “True Grit” we can see another example of generic formulas. When the little girl suggest that she goes with the old man , even though the old man does not want her to go, the old man agrees that he will wake her up in the morning. As we all predicted he did not wake the girl the next morning leaving her sleep with he started on the journey. Just as any other movie would go, the young girl wakes up and instantly states she is going to go no matter what. This is an example of generic formula because this happens in a lot of movies. When someone does not want assistance and states yes I’ll come get you they do not. The person left behind is always upset and tries to go on the journey to catch up with the rest of the group. Iconography is in a certain movie genre certain pictures or certain views have a distinct meaning with in the movie. We can all picture a dark house at the end of a windy road with nothing nearby and a car breaking down and the passengers get out walking. We know that this is a horror film we are watching. Archetypes are a part of iconography that has a deeper meaning. The meaning could be more spiritual or psychological. In the movie “The Graduate”, a certain archetype comes to mind. Ben is laying in the pool and the two different images keep bouncing back and forth. With these two different pictures it really shows that Ben has a conscience that he is doing the wrong thing. He knows he should stop but doesn’t know how to get out of the situation. Also in “The Graduate” the last seen as the bride looks up at Ben over and over the audience can tell that she is changing her feelings. Her...
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