Generic Benchmarking

Marketing, Outsourcing, Strategic management

The objective of our research study is to employ a team-based approach to identifying problem opportunity statements, effectively conduct generic benchmarking research, identify successful and unsuccessful generic benchmarking companies and recognize potential solutions to our problem opportunity statement and end-state goals. The design of the study includes peer-reviewed references, utilization of a generic benchmarking worksheet and application of the Global Communication's situation analysis. The team's approach to the research methods was to research the generic benchmarking information individually and incorporate our greatest findings into one manuscript. Furthermore, the team-based research approach will provide enhanced solutions from four different perspectives and allow us to be more successful in our research, generic benchmarking methodologies and solution identification for Global Communications. Scenario Two

The telecommunication industry has experienced rapid growth and an accompanying huge investment in transmission capacity. This growth has put tremendous economic pressure on the telecommunications industry. In addition, the telecommunications industry has fallen under huge competitive pressures from cable companies who are now providing competitive services in areas such as telephones, computers and television. Global Communications is one telecommunications company that is dealing with reduced Wall Street confidence resulting in a 50% depreciation in its stock value. In an attempt to stem the downward pressure of its stock as well as to prevent possible financial failure, Global Communications is attempting to become a global provider of telecommunications. The senior leadership team at Global Communications has planned several steps that they want to implement to help the company to meet and exceed their goals. Some of these steps include introducing new services mainly to small business and consumer customers and...
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