Generational Values and Changing Values

Topics: Marriage, Generation, British Asian Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: March 19, 2012
Parents will always try to impart their values onto their children, and their children may accept them to a certain degree, but will always have different variations of their parent’s values as their own, also as generational values change so will parent’s values that they teach to their children so they are socially acceptable.

Parents put different amount of emphasis into different things depending on what they deem important. For example some parents put a lot of emphasis on education for many different reasons; they want a better life for their children, they want them to be high achievers, they feel they have something to prove. Many years ago Asians were thought of as less then Westerners, and Asians had to prove that they were just as good as westerners, In ‘Growing Up Asian in Australia’ written by Alice Pung, Paul Nguyen said “We aimed high because we had no choice.” (pg. 291). Paul makes it sound like that if he did have a choice he wouldn’t put such an emphasis behind education, proving that what he thought was important and what his parents thought were important were two different things

As children we grow up listening and learning to our parents. We learn our values from our parents because they have the biggest influence on us as young children. But as we grow older and go to school and interact with new people, we accept new influences into our life, and with those new influences we start to adapt our values to fit in with everybody else or because we believe that another person’s values are better than our own. So while we do change and adapt our own values for numerous reasons, the values that our parents taught to us are still at the core of our new values.

As generations change so do values with each generation. 60 – 70 years ago people were intolerant of homosexuals, interracial marrying and women’s rights, but now; though there are still people who are not accepting, we as a society have changed our views on them. Our parents and...
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